Eucalyptus Tree Trimming & Removal

url  Eucalyptus Tree Trimming & Removal Santa Cruz

If you are debating removing or have a eucalyptus tree that requires removal in the Bay Area, our company stands ready to help you. This is a specific area of our expertise. There is an ongoing debate as to whether people should remove these trees, as they serve as habitats for a number of species indigenous to the Bay Area, while decimating native oak woodland and increasing fire danger. The good news is that we have a number of ways to help you give your eucalyptus tree back to the environment if you do decide to take it down.

Before you think about taking the tree out, though, have one of our arborists come over and give you a consultation. We can look at your entire landscaping plan and give you our advice about the best way to proceed in the unique climate of the Bay Area. The eucalyptus tree does well here, but there are also other choices that may be a better fit.

When you bring us out for a consultation, we look at all of the trees in your yard and point out any issues that may need remediation, such as infections, blights, fungi and other issues that can creep up slowly until it is too late to save your tree. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!