Tree Fertilizing

A lack of proper nutrients is one of the biggest problems that afflicts urban trees. Providing adequate fertilization can restore nutrient levels and help overcome stress from the environment. Plants that have the right fertilizer levels can resist diseases and pests more easily. Using deep root soil injection or other methods to fertilize your tree can boost the development of feeder roots, counteract the stress that comes from construction and other environmental events, cut down on soil compaction and boost a plant’s overall vitality.

We are a leader among California businesses dealing with tree fertilization. Our service provides plants with helpful root stimulants and treatments, while increasing nutrient absorption. Before offering our service, we check the PH of the soil to make sure treatments will be effective. When cost effective we will suggest testing your soil before treatment begins to determine the best course of action.

Do your trees need protection against root diseases and malnutrition? Setup an appointment today. We will send out a professional arborist who will examine your trees and then give you a suggested plan for fertilization. We have established a reputation as a leader in the Santa Cruz area for providing superior customer service, and our promise is to do the same for you, no matter where in the Bay Area you live. Don’t let your trees go another day without the nutrients they need.