Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death is the deadliest enemy of black oaks, canyon live oaks, shreve oaks, tan oaks, and California coast live oaks. It comes from the Phytophthora ramorum pathogen and may ironically have entered the area carried by ornamental plants.

The most tragic part of this disease is that it kills trees very quickly. An oak tree that has thrived for decades can shrivel and die in just a matter of months. The good news is that it is possible to prevent this condition altogether. By using the proper treatment methods, it is possible to keep your oaks safe from Sudden Oak Death by systemic injection or topical spraying.

The Bay Area climate is ideal for spreading Sudden Oak Death. The humid air from the ocean ,the cool breezes, and the carrying of infected materials by people help transmit the disease.

The good news is that we can help clients manage and often prevent this disease. Our status as a Santa Cruz local business means that we know what to look for on affected oaks in the Bay Area, and there have been some cases in which we have reversed the disease shortly after it showed its first signs.

If you contact us before your oak trees start to show damage, we can set you up with a plan to prevent Sudden Oak Death from ever happening. If you have one of the species listed above, give us a call today. We will provide you a free phone consultation and can give you a plan for preventing this condition from ever striking your trees.