Koala Tree Care Team

We have been in business in Santa Cruz County since 1982. Enduring droughts, recessions, earthquakes, and an area code change (from 408 to 831), we have remained intact due to our relationships with our customers that begin with honesty and trust. Many of our clientele are repeat customers or referrals, trusting our product enough to refer it to friends and family.

In 2001, the business changed from “The Tree Company”, which began in 1980 in San Jose, to Koala Tree Care. Craig was a PG&E contract arborist surveying transmission lines for tree clearance. One mistake by Craig could knock 9 western states out of power!! Fortunately this never happened during his tenure, and he evaluated more trees for safety in three years than many arborists evaluate in a lifetime!

Craig’s father was a prominent Silicon Valley engineer and business owner and had given Craig invaluable business mentorship. Craig was ready to make a jump from tree science to hands on tree care and business ownership.

The business was renamed Koala Tree Care for several reasons. One, Craig had a vision of helping the communities of Pajaro and Royal oaks manage the eucalyptus forests that were decimating the native oak woodlands. Two, the Koala is inextricably linked to the eucalyptus tree. Thirdly, although known as slothy, cuddly creatures on the ground, we had heard that koala bears are hostile in their habitats when they are threatened or forcibly removed from eucalyptus trees. However the koala is seen as a cute cuddly bear! Blue gum eucalyptus are one of the most dangerous trees to work on in the world, and an element of “hostility” is necessary to effectively manage these forests.

Lastly, koalas spend the majority of their lives in the trees, just like us tree men do. So the name stuck…

What sets us apart?