Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a necessity to maintain healthy growth patterns and to clean out dead parts of the tree. When trees are not maintained, there is an increased risk of trees losing large branches during storms or windy days. This can even happen in the still heat of summer (a condition known as sudden limb drop)! We follow industry standards when we prune with our goal of actually increasing the health of your trees.

When pruning is performed incorrectly, the long-term stability and health of the tree are in danger (and the tree doesn’t look very good either). As a result, your tree can end up with weakened stems, weakly attached sucker sprouts, accumulated dead branches, and included bark. Because each tree species is different, it is important to treat each species correctly.

We have experience pruning the majority of trees that commonly grow in the Bay Area and Central Coast.

Because our professionals are arborists, they understand the principles of tree biology and branchKoala Tree Care 12 attachment. Providing tree care that is proper, effective and efficient requires expertise when pruning. As a result, we follow these principles:

  • We leave your tree with a shape that is as natural and uniform as possible.
  • We take out branches that cross – as well as dead ones.
  • We don’t leave any stubs.
  • We never top the tree, using crown reduction methods instead.
  • We ensure that your tree never has that “over pruned” look.

Keeping your trees maintained not only improves the safety and well -being of your trees, but also increases the value of your property.