Japanese Maple Fine Pruning


The Japanese maple is one of the more sensitive trees, and keeping yours pruned correctly is one of the best ways to ensure healthy growth over time. When your tree doesn’t get proper pruning, weak stems, undesirable low limbs, bark inclusion and dead branches can accumulate over time. Each tree requires a unique pruning plan, which is why having a professional arborist is so important.

When we prune Japanese maples, we always look for dead or crossing branches to remove. We never top the tree, because we want it to retain its essential shape. We don’t leave stubs poking out, and when we leave, we ensure that your Japanese maple retains a natural look. We also check the PH and the nutrient level of these trees as they are finicky in their environments.

If you are interested in having one of our professional arborists come out for a consultation, give us a call today. Often we can restore a damaged tree to its normal state. Sometimes it is a matter of just a season or so, but sometimes the process takes a couple of years. The patience is worthwhile, though, because you will have a beautiful Japanese maple to treasure for decades afterward.

To start the process, call or fill out the online contact form to get a response. We look forward to working with you! And please, don’t let your gardener trim your maple!!!